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DIY Wind Turbine

DIY Wind Turbine Kit

This page is all about
DIY wind turbine plans, kits and costs. As you probably already know there's a lot of Americans already benefiting from building their own low-cost wind generators for home use!

When looking at low-cost windmills for homes you really have two options; firstly you can buy a ready made kit set, the slightly more expensive option, or you can get your hands on a guide which will show how to build a wind turbine from scratch using parts and components which you can find online and in your local area.

DIY Wind Turbine Cost

If you
go with the first option, which is getting a ready-made kit set, you'll find that some of the cheaper kits include Windtura and Windmax.

The production of Chinese models, even now used by some American manufacturers, has really opened up the market and is making wind turbines for the home affordable even for the modest American family homes.

You can now get a DIY wind turbine kit set for under a grand. We recommend going through Amazon (see links below right) for these kitsets for the security of buying from a reputable company and also you get to see which models are currently being reviewed highly.

While these kit sets make things a lot easier for you, we recommend that save even more money and build your own wind turbine using a good guide and sourcing the parts yourself. Done this way, wind turbines for the home can be constructed easily for around $150-$200 all up.

This way is better because you'll actually learn about how they work and how to put them together. The end result will be the same because you'll be using the same parts as those that come in the kit sets, except that your overall wind turbine cost will be a lot less because you're cutting out the middle man and saving on labor costs.

DIY Wind Turbine Plans

We're always
reviewing and testing new DIY wind turbine plans which come onto the market. The quality you get can vary greatly, especially with new products under $20.

While we encourage the promotion of low-cost homemade wind turbine plans, most of the guides in this price range are just not up to standard.

Our Top 10 list (above right) of recommended guides will cost you slightly more, at around $40-$50, but offer you a whole lot more like video tutorials and support if you get stuck or need some help.

DIY Wind Turbine Blades

It's possible to make your own DIY wind turbine blades out of PVC piping, moulded plastic, fibre glass or aluminium, however with the availability of
cheap Chinese imported blades there's really no need to waste your time.

The manufactured blades are also produced at exactly the right weight and angle to maximize efficiency so it's in your best interest to get either new blades or also check out eBay and craigslist in your local area for some second hand blades.

You can get your hands on some new Windtura windmill blades for under $100 on Amazon, or alternatively check out the second hand sources I mentioned earlier for some even better deals.